Backup Exec

Why backup data?

• To recover data or systems, whether due to user error, data loss, corruption, or hardware failure.

• Backup is also a simple form of disaster recovery, and should be part of any disaster recovery plan.


What is Backup Exec?

Symantec Backup Exec™ 2014 delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-touse backup and recovery for virtual and physical environments. This release introduces key functionalities based on customer feedback such as radically faster backups than prior versions, a job monitor view, multiserver backup jobs, and the ability for customers to ease their transition to new releases through seamless migration capabilities.


What does it solve?

• Reduce cost and complexity

• Provide complete protection for virtual machines

• Meet backup windows with radically faster backups than previous versions

• Manage storage growth through deduplication and archiving

• Simplify backup and recovery with fast, flexible, versatile capabilities


Why now?

• Reduce complexity—Some organizations have implemented more than one solution to try to address their backup and recovery needs, which increases costs and complexity.

• Exploding data—More information is being generated outside of traditional systems, causing an explosion in data volume, variety, velocity, and complexity. Compliance requirements are unclear, so everything is retained.

• Storage impact—Legacy systems were not designed to deal with the variety and volume of today’s unstructured data, causing data storage needs to usually double every 18 months


What’s new in Backup Exec 2014?

• New platform, virtual and application support including full support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL 2014. Backup Exec 2014 also includes Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) for Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013.

• Monitor the status of all backup jobs from one location and backup of multiple servers from a single job.

• Enhanced speeds for deduplication, Exchange and virtual machine backups as well as improved backup and recovery times.

• Upgrade and migrate times have been reduced from previous versions of Backup Exec.


Why should our customers continue to invest in Backup Exec?

• Visibility into the status of all backup jobs with new job monitor.

• Dramatically improve performance with backups that are up to 100% faster than previous Backup Exec products1 .

• Minimize downtime and restore anywhere.

• Extensive expertise of certified professionals averaging over 5 years of experience.

• Global reach with 3,000 support professionals in 26 centers supporting 15 languages, plus 75 regional support partners.

• Rapid response and resolution—online or by phone with some regions offering 24/7 coverage.


Things to ask:

• How are you managing your physical and virtual data protection? Is it with a single solution?

• Are you able to meet your backup windows?

• How are you addressing escalating storage growth?

• What performance challenges do you face when backing up and recovering data?

• How much time and effort does your team spend on backup and recovery activities?

• How much front-end data do you have in your environment?


Who should upgrade?

Customers with:

• Active maintenance—FREE upgrade

• Backup Exec for physical and Veeam for virtual can improve admin efficiency and reduce costs and complexity by moving to a single solution with a single console that provides visibility and management of entire physical and virtual server backups.

• Remote or unstaffed backup sites who want to deploy backup in less than 1 hour and manage any remote site environment from one console

Customer success stories:

Lotus F1 Team The Lotus F1 Team was able to roll out the Backup Exec 3600 Appliance in less than 1 hour.

They reduced the size of virtual machine files by 68 percent and dramatically reduced downtime and data loss through rapid recovery. This reduced storage costs and enabled them to restore virtual machines, applications, or databases in minutes

Mitre 10 New Zealand:

To support rapid growth, streamline backup of 16 terabytes, and simplify protection of a nearly 100 percent virtualized environment, New Zealand-based home improvement chain Mitre 10 turned to Backup Exec 2014 to upgrade its approach to data protection. Results include up to 3x faster backups, 67 percent less backup administration time, more than 400 hours per year reclaimed in productivity, and projected five-figure annual savings by essentially eliminating tape operations.


Horizon Business Services

Based in Florida, they serve 4,000 businesses and 30,000 users with hosting, and haven’t raised hosting prices in nine years. Backup Exec 2014 contributes to that efficiency by backing up 20 percent faster and deduplicating at a 10 percent higher ratio than Backup Exec 2012, deduplicating 3x faster than Backup Exec 2010, and achieving 99 percent backup success and 100 percent recovery success with 20 recoveries per month.

General competitive tips:

• Backup Exec can backup and restore anything, anywhere—all from a single solution.

• Transparent backup and recovery across virtual and physical environments.

• Deep visibility into virtual machines and applications.

• Patented, third-generation Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) enables customers to recover granular data, such as an Exchange email or a SharePoint document, in seconds from a single-pass backup. Other solutions require multiple backups to get this same level of recovery granularity.

• Using multiple data protection solutions increases costs and adds to management complexity.

• Be wary of solutions that are unable to understand virtual data and file structure, as recovery may be slow, complex, and restricted.

Veeam tips

• Symantec backup solutions win because they protect physical & virtual servers, and have enterprise scalability, strong deduplication, and granular recovery capabilities.

• Pricing model is based on hypervisors’ CPUs, which could reduce cost for an environment with a high VM density.

• Customers comment favorably on the general code reliability, value of the Standard Edition, user-friendly interface, built-in replication, and fast VM recovery.

CommVault tips

• Laser-focused on backup; they execute very well; single pane of glass offering; backup and archiving in one product and one storage destination; good marketing and story that resonates well with customers; analysts like them (especially Gartner); channel relationships (they provide a higher margin percentage).

• Weaknesses include only one offering—they are a niche vendor; not viewed as strategic by C-level; product is becoming a monster and more complex; reliance on third-party relationships (NetApp, Dell, and HDS).

• Simpana’s key strengths include a single platform with a unified architecture and a single administrative console and reporting engine for all backup, archiving, and e-discovery activities, and integrated snapshots. • Mature fourth-generation source and target-side deduplication capability, with the industry’s only deduplication-to-tape support.


Where and why Backup Exec wins

Based on internal Symantec validation, research and analysis conducted February 2014

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/ Recovery Software, June 2013

Forrester Enterprise Backup Wave Q2 2013


Objections & how to overcome them

“I don’t have any physical servers that need to be backed up.”

• Backup Exec is built and designed for virtual.

• Protecting virtual environments longer than any other backup/recovery vendor in the industry.

• V-Ray Edition specifically licensed for virtual.

• Already using BE; add the agent for VMware and Hyper-V.

“I’m adding virtual servers to my IT infrastructure and using a separate solution to protect my virtual environment.”

• Lowering costs and simplifying backup tasks starts with deploying a single solution.

• Backup Exec can protectfrom one to thousands of servers and virtual machines, all from the same user console, providing optimal performance and efficiency

“Working out what I need is really difficult.”

 • Flexible licensing options including per module, perterabyte (TB), or per socket.

“Backup Exec uses agents for virtual machines while other solutions do not.”

• Backup Exec provides many options for protecting virtual machines.

• Agent-assisted backup enables multiple avenues of recovery, including granular email, SharePoint, and Active Directory objects.

• Does not require additional processing power or prolonged backups.

• Other products install agents as needed, then uninstall after each job.

“I’m fighting explosive data growth and rising storage costs.”

• Backup Exec’s flexible block-level data deduplication minimizes backup windows, decreases network traffic, and reduces the disk space required for storing backup files by up to 90%.

• Deduplicate at the client, media server, or appliance across all physical and virtual backup jobs.

“I heard that Backup Exec 2012 had product quality issues.”

• Some Backup Exec 2012 changes received mixed feedback.

• Symantec has spent time understanding customer needs and ensuring 2014 satisfies those needs.

• We’ve improved our QA process, and the product has been through rigorous testing both internally and externally. This product was not going to ship before it was ready, so you can rest assured, this is a rock-solid release.


License options summary—Provide customers with the licensing option that meets their business needs.

License scenarios

1.       A la carte—Select components according to business needs.

• Backup Exec is licensed per Backup Exec Media Server, which is needed to run the backup environment.

• Agents provide data protection for servers (physical and virtual), applications, databases, and machines.

• Options are added for deduplication, tape devices, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, virtual tape library (VTL), and for archiving of file systems and Exchange mailboxes.

2.       Capacity—Bundled solution for virtual and physical environments.

• Capacity Edition includes Backup Exec Media Server and all agents and options.

• Licensed on a per-terabyte (TB) basis; tiers from 1 TB up to 26-plus TB.

• It minimizes license management burden and provides volume discounts for higher data volumes.

3.       Socket—Bundled solution for virtual environments only.

• V-Ray Edition is licensed by socket (CPU) with options for 2–6 cores, or 8-plus cores.

• V-Ray Edition solution includes: Backup Exec Media Server Agent for VMware and Hyper-V Agent for unlimited applications and databases Deduplication option.

4.       Appliance—For customers that want to consolidate their hardware and software buys into a single purchase. There are two options:


  •   Backup Exec 2014
  •           Deduplication option
  •           Protection for VMware and Hyper-V
  •           Protection for Applications and Databases
  •           Protection for Windows
  •           Protection for Mac

 Total Protection Suite

  •           Essential Protection Suite, plus
  •           Enterprise Server Option
  •           Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) Option
  •           Remote Media Agent for Linux
  •           Library Expansion Option